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It’s been a long time…

…since I wrote a blog post. I haven’t lost my enthusiasm for interiors, tech or education – see Twitter, Google+, Diigo and Pinterest for evidence! ;o)

So 3 reasons for absence…

My iMac died and I’ve been reliant on an iPad. While it is brilliant for a lot of things, especially Pinterest, I find it really difficult to work on. It’s way too small – it may be my age but I need a large screen!

I’ve been designing, teaching, assessing and re-designing a module – Digital Skills and Communication for Business. Students produced a ‘Me in a Minute’ self-promotional video, experiencing all the steps involved. They also created posters or infographics about a technology issue related to business, such as cyber-crime. As the module was very video-production focussed, we are planning for students to present the same story via different medium, for example, as a news article and a comic strip. This has taken many evenings up but I’m excited :o)

I traded my iPhone in for a Google Pixel and DayDream VR Headset – it is incredible! I’ve done roller-coasters, tight-rope walking, been terrorised by various nasties and fought a giant golden elephant! If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, you can get a headset from Amazon for about £15 – it’s well worth the investment!

…and I went to our fantastic National Fireworks Competition here in Plym – hence the photo.

Just so you know that I’m still here lol! :o)




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