First up I attended a meeting to organise a Technology Enhanced Learning Showcase Day. There are lots of new TEL initiatives and activities going on in the University at the moment and it will be good to see what staff are doing within TULIP, Plymouth’s Teaching and Learning Environment, and beyond, particularly as further tools were introduced last September. It’s also envisaged that the event will result in the formation of some SIGs (Special Interest Groups). Mark P’s set up a free Crowdvine (used by ALT-C) site for us with a view to facilitating these SIGs – haven’t done much with this yet apart from signed in but will probably have more info next work post.

Tuesday morning was spent teaching – it’s amazing how quickly two hours go! The students were great – none of them had ever really done any web design before but they’re really keen. The session went smoothly apart from me making the classic mistake of using the wrong sort of pen on the whiteboard – just as I was demonstrating how to design your page using tables and how to ‘merge cells’ – doh! There’s so much stuff to cover – webdesign, using Dreamweaver, file size and compression, using Fireworks, CSS for text… that I’m pretty sure I shall be running an extra tutorial for them: this usually happens but quite flattering as the students ask me themselves. I’ve also been invited to sit in on the assessment in April which I’m looking forward to.

Next up, I attended a meeting of the Plymouth eLearning Conference Organising Committee. Not much to report here apart from it’s on 8th – 9th April, therefore not too far away! There are alot of abstract submission deadlines at the moment so I’ve been trying to get these typed up. Unfortunately PebblePad has been down this week so I’ve been unable to access myBrand which I really need to look at, update and re-focus… I found some really good blog posts and even a very relevant blog!

It was good to see all the FLTs at our meeting on Wednesday morning where we discussed the TEL Showcase Day further. Jackie reminded me I need to re-vamp Tandem Exchange Online as it would be good to demo this at the VC’s Teaching and Learning Conference in July – it should fit perfectly with the ‘Internationalisation’ theme.

Other bits and pieces this week – checking all the ‘In at the Deep End’ updates have been done so the books can go to print on Monday; giving feedback on a really informative webpage Paddy in Careers has put together around ‘Online Presence’ and looking at a Camtasia presentation created by Glen (also Careers) entitled ‘Instant Job Offers’ – it looks really good and could be a good tool for presenting myBrand – another job for next week!