coolirisWell so much for weekly blogging! Things I’ve been doing …adding content to, doing lots of brainstorming …and creating pages on the University’s extranet for the Teaching and Learning Directorate of which we are a part. Oh and submitting abstracts. But enough of work ramblings – I’ll catch up next week! What I’ve been meaning to blog about for at least a couple of weeks now is CoolIris.

CoolIris is a free downloadable, infinite, 3D wall of pleasure for geeks and even non-geeks! You can use it to browse film previews, news, sport …  Personally I would recommend searching for music videos on youTube, and TV clips (The Young Ones are still very, very funny!) Oh, and did I mention you can use it for shopping!

You can also show the contents of any folder on your computer – with my education hat on it would be a great way of showing your art or photography portfolio as you can share the url.

…and you can get it (free) as an app on your iphone

Download it – you’ll love it!