I’ve been playing with Issuu – a very cool (and free) tool for creating e-books from pdfs. You can view them in full screen mode so they can be read fairly easily (for a screen) and they have an Apple dock-like menu to navigate to pages directly. Links and emails also work …as long as you don’t enclose them in brackets! Unfortunately though, because it’s Flash-based, it won’t work on an iPad or iPhone yet – Issuu have developed a version for the iPod Touch & iPhone and are currently waiting for approval from Apple. Hopefully they’ll be successful because creating the ePub format, that iBooks currently require, needs a bit more work… There is also a similar free tool – Blurb – who provide an extra (hard copy) bookmaking and selling service. I haven’t looked at it in detail as yet – but apparently it’s already popular with Art and Photography students…

Here is ‘In at the Deep End: Starting to Teach in Higher Education’, a book by Professor Phil Race who wrote it originally for use at Leeds Metropolitan University. The University of Plymouth purchased the right to use the content in 2007 and created our own ‘local’ version.

In at the Deep End