I was very impressed with my e-book yesterday so sent the link to colleagues in Educational Development. One had recently bought a new e-reader, a Cybook Gen3. I tried to read my e-book from it but, unsurprisingly, it accepts specific formats such as ePub, Fb2 and MobiPocket (.mobi) – you can download books in these formats from Amazon, Waterstones and WHSmiths. I then uploaded my original pdf but it didn’t like it and gave me an error message – I’m not quite sure why at the mo. and can only assume that it doesn’t like embedded pictures…

I was pleasantly surprised to find it loaded (well, 2 pages at a time) on my iPhone, so tried it on an iPad. Although I didn’t get the ‘book’ effect, it did display it as a perfectly readable PDF although you have to navigate using the arrow keys as it won’t let you ‘touch scroll’. Issuu gives you viewing options so obviously recognizes the Apple device and displays the pdf in ‘presentation’ mode – neat.

Embedding rich media into SharePointNext up I tried to put it into a SharePoint webpage. It looked promising, displaying well in ‘preview’ mode …but then it completely disappeared when I navigated away from the page. Reinforcements were called in (Mark P and Nick) but things were getting gloomy as nothing seemed to work. Nick said this was because SharePoint strips out object tags for security and I had a moan about how rubbish SharePoint was for teaching. However, Nick had a breakthrough and mark P found an even quicker method …and we can embed issuu, youTube videos and Prezi presentations into SharePoint!

Here’s a brief outline of how you do it…

  • Create a new page
  • Add a web part; select ‘Content Editor’ from the ‘Media & Content’ folder
  • Select HTML view
  • Paste ’embed code’ into the html window
  • Click on the ‘Stop Editing’ button

Result – a much more engaging page than just a load of links!