We’re really lucky in Plymouth as every year the city hosts the British Firework Championships. There are six displays shown over two days in mid-August (you can find further details on their website), captured through many photos and videos. Being the geek that I am I decided to test-drive our new Flip Video ultraHD camera – Mark P has already tested the Flip in daylight (not sure whether it was HD though?).

The Flip is small and very light, so extremely portable. It also fits onto a tripod – I took a Joby Gorilla Tripod with me as I watched the fireworks from a boat on the first day but it was a bit too busy to use it! The camera itself is really easy to use – simply point and click! The model I used has 8 GB of memory and records 120 minutes. I was really impressed as I used one straight out of the box with no time to fully charge the batteries, but it recorded all three displays despite giving me the red ‘I’m just about to die’ signal. Here’s a video from the first day – it’s not edited (apologies for sloppiness but I’m working on other stuff at the mo with deadlines approaching fast…) and it’s a bit wobbly, but I was on a boat! BTW these guys (Reaction Fireworks) were runners up.


Plymouth Fireworks Competition 100810 (3) from Flea Palmer on Vimeo.

On the second day I videoed from the Hoe. Again, no tripod but at least I was sat down on terra firma. I shot this display in portrait mode so can report that, on a mac, you can change the orientation in iMovie by selecting all your frames and clicking the crop button as this will bring up a window enabling you to rotate your footage. PC users can do this using the excellent AVS Video Editor – in fact you can do all kinds of funky effects but I’ll leave that for another post. I think the quality is pretty impressive, especially considering you are reliant on the Flip’s automatic settings – I would really recommend using one of these for podcasts …or just for fun! Anyway here’s the winning display by Star Fireworks of Bracknell, Berkshire – truly, truly awesome!!!