I’ve been creating video tutorials to illustrate how UoP staff can embed media such as YouTube videos into their Tulip pages. Camtasia Studio is incredibly quick and easy to use, and produces quality tutorials. You simply click on ‘Record the screen’ at the top of the page and choose the area you wish to capture. When you have finished recording, you can do quite detailed editing, zooming into specific parts of the screen through creating new keyframes and even adding a funky introduction. Here is a brief overview of some of its editing features…

Zooming and adding 'call outs' in Camtasia studio 7Camtasia comes with pre-prepared video intros that you add to the beginning of your tutorial by simply dragging your selected one onto the timeline at the bottom of the screen. You can then choose a transition to take you to the first screen of your tutorial.

You can add keyframes so that you can zoom in to demonstrate, e.g. which item you need to select from a menu. You can also add ‘call outs’ – extra information boxes to explain why or how you need to do things in more detail. You can also add a voice-over track.

Other, as yet untried by me, features include overlaying a video clip of, e.g. a talking head; adding captions and the ability to add a survey/ quiz.

Once you have finished you have different options to publish and share – most outputs are mp4 (mpeg 4) which will play on the web and i-devices. You can also save directly to CD or DVD – this will produce a larger avi file. However, I found the easiest method was to publish straight to YouTube although, to be honest, I haven’t got this to work fully and have had to upload the mp4 manually through YouTube itself. But, this means you can easily embed your tutorial into your Tulip page! Please see the finished videos for how to do this! :o)

If you would like to try Camtasia Studio 7 out for yourself we have versions for both mac and PC available on our drop-in machines. Email tel@plymouth.ac.uk if you would like to book a slot – LTs are always on hand should you get stuck! You may also find Techsmith’s tutorials in Camtasia Studio Learning Centre helpful.