The Open Fieldwork Project LogoI was asked to create a logo for the Open Fieldwork Project, which aims to identify existing open fieldwork resources for re-use amongst the GEES (Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences) and wider HE community. The finished logo looks a bit revolutionary – must be my subconscious picking up the general mood at the moment!

However, the reason for this post is that I initially started this project in Illustrator CS5, creating an ‘O’ (text character) and then adding arrow symbols. I was able to remove sub-paths using the (new?) ‘Path Eraser’ tool, expecting to be able to then select the remaining outline paths so that I could colour my design. This is where I got stuck! When I filled my shape it coloured areas I didn’t want it to. When I tried to use the ‘eraser’ tool it created even more paths which became really complicated when close to the original path shape outline.

In the end I exported it to Photoshop and re-drew the outline paths so I could go on to manipulate the shape. This worked but I would love to know how I could have done this entirely in Illustrator – if anyone could enlighten me, that would be great – thankyou :o)