This presentation is designed to introduce First Year students to using the web for social and professional networking. Like ‘ME Time’, it advises students about e-safety and reminds them to pay attention to their privacy settings on Facebook. It also contains guidance about how to behave on the web as well as the benefits of using PebblePad to record and reflect on their learning, as a recent focus group identified that not all students were being told about this by their tutors. I’ve also included videos that explain free tools for social bookmarking, aggregating blog posts and communicating, such as Twitter and Google +. I hope students find these incredibly useful – I know I did!

How to view…

Press the play button (grey arrow) to start the presentation. Next click on the circle icon to centre the presentation and click on items to zoom in. To view in full screen, click ‘More’. If you get lost at any time, click on the circle icon to reset the presentation.

When you have finished, press the escape key – ‘esc’ – to exit the presentation in full screen mode.

NOTE: The links are live but hidden in full screen view as they open behind the presentation!