A few of us have recently been having problems when trying to embed videos or presentations into TULIP pages. Everything seems to be going well until you hit the ‘Stop Editing’ button – and your embed code disappears!

I notified Support Desk about this and Martin Walter in the Web Team has now told me how to do it (thanks Martin!) so here you go…

I used a newly discovered bit of free software to create this guide – Clarify (available for both mac and PC) enables you to quickly and easily put together an instructional document with screenshots and annotations. You can then export it as a PDF so that it can be easily shared via email without clogging up your Inbox. For the purpose of this blog, I then uploaded this PDF to Issuu, as it displays PDFs rather nicely and you can embed them into your page.

Hopefully this should solve what has been an annoying problem and make our teaching & learning sites look a bit more engaging! Please let me know if it’s of use :o)