Yes, my blog has another new theme. Why? Well lately I’ve been doing alot of work involving communicating information effectively, especially to new students.

We’ve recently launched ‘Mobile with Plymouth University‘ enabling students to access key University information via their iPhone, iPad or Android device …or just via the web. I’m also currently putting together content for a pre-entry social network – The PLAN (Plymouth Learners Access Network) is built on the Ning platform and will going live in January, so more about it then. The tech. has changed, as has the name of the initiative, but I’m experiencing real deja-vu at the moment as I was involved in creating very similar resources back in 2002, except it came under the ‘Student Centred Learning’ header then (anyone else remember?!) …and, of course, it wasn’t market-driven!

So, I’ve been working out how best to arrange content for users and this led me to reconsider the usefulness of my blog. I’ve gone for a ‘magazine-based’ design (originally created by, categorising my main areas of work so that people can find relevant information quickly. I’ve added a ‘Musings’ category for thoughts, with ‘Sketchpad’ for ideas.

I’ve also rewritten my profile as it was about 2 years old now and, as us learning techies know, things change rapidly! It’s only when you replace it you realise how many social networking sites you’ve signed up to – and I’ve probably forgotten about quite a few!

…And I found a tutorial about how you can link your blog to a Google + Page, so I’ve done that too. Please click on the link to see my page …and the tutorial. I much prefer Google + to Facebook due to its simplicity, but not many people use it. Hopefully this will prompt me to start using it a bit more now – please help by adding my page to your circles! If you’re new to Google + there’s a link to an overview to get you started on the tutorial.

Please let me know what you think!