Those of you who receive emails from me may have noticed the addition of CMALT in my signature. Just before Christmas I became a Certified Member of the Association for Learning Technology. This involved submitting a reflective portfolio evidencing skills around operational issues; teaching, learning and assessment; engaging with legislation, policies and standards; communication and a specialist area – in my case, Digital Literacy in terms of using the web for self-promotion.

Although it is up to you how you present your work, I chose to use the Profile tool in PebblePad so that I had experience of using it as a ‘student’ – we are trialling this feature with the current PGCAP cohort. I also attached a webfolio to illustrate the range of projects I’ve worked on. Unfortunately I forgot to give my assessors permission to comment directly onto the profile as it would have been interesting to see how this worked.

Projects I've worked on...

I found ‘being reflective’ in my answers to be quite challenging – I tend to do this in my head so it seemed particularly odd to write thoughts down for someone else’s benefit. The University’s Learning Development Team provide a useful guide on being reflective (PDF) and also thanks to Dr Anne McDermott for being my ‘critical friend’.

I’m hoping that gaining this accreditation will help establish career progression for Learning Technologists here at Plymouth, and across the sector. It is interesting to see how well qualified LTs are from their signatures when following discussions on the ALT JISC-Mail List – sometimes better than our academic colleagues! :o) The range of skills involved is also impressive – David Hopkins, an LT at Bournemouth University, has made some interesting observations in his series of blog-posts (and associated comments) around ‘What is a Learning Technologist?‘ I was marked as being strong in my ‘technical knowledge and ability in the use of learning technology’; ‘understanding of teaching, learning and assessment processes’ and ‘understanding and engaging with legislation, policies and standards’.

For those interested here’s my CMALT Application – I think it’s easier to click on the ‘View evidence tree’ link to see it. Good luck to those who are currently working towards it!