This post is guest authored by Tay Omojokun, one of the Co-Founders of EmbedPlus, (I featured their ‘enhanced video tool‘ in a previous post) introducing a new tool they’ve developed to help students learn how to pronounce English words using video. Over to Tay…

An earlier post from this month covered EmbedPlus, which enhances embedded YouTube videos with features that the standard player does not currently have.  The EmbedPlus development team is also leveraging the tool to offer free video-centric learning experiences in different educational domains.  The first release is in the language learning space—a video-based pronunciation dictionary that offers learners a chance to hear and see authentic word pronunciations from real people in real situations.  By integrating video content with a dictionary, learners gain the apparent benefits of non-isolated pronunciations and face-to-face pronunciation examples.

The team is especially looking for feedback from language teaching professionals. If you’re an ESL/ELT teacher looking to experiment with this idea, start by exploring the links below to see examples of words with and without videos.

With videos:A video pronunciation dictionary

how to pronounce apple

how to pronounce genre

how to pronounce miscellaneous

Without videos:

how to pronounce zabaglione

how to pronounce awesome

how to pronounce cache

An extra plus is that the dictionary is crowd-sourced.  So, if you have a YouTube channel with quality speakers and are looking for a new way to get views, we suggest submitting your info to the team. Contact them here.