This is an updated version of a graduate workshop based on the presentation formerly called ‘ME Time: Making the Web work for You‘, which I created last year using Prezi. (It has now been renamed ‘eGo: make the web work for You creatively’). Although the attendees found some of the content useful, they fed back that many of the ideas presented were just too creative to apply for their disciplines. What they primarily wanted to know was:-
  • How to manage a Public Facebook Profile
  • How to use LinkedIn most effectively, including what to include in their LinkedIn Profile

I intend to use the above presentation as a basis for future graduate workshops, referring to my own Facebook and LinkedIn Profiles as working examples. This has meant that I’ve followed the guidelines I’ve linked to myself, which has been a valuable learning experience …and a real blurring of professional/ personal identities! This is also the reason why I’ve chosen to create this presentation using PowerPoint – I can now display this via SlideShare on my LinkedIn Profile.

Useful resources

PowerPoint v Prezi

Using PowerPoint rather than Prezi has been interesting – I’ve realised already how reliant I am on the ‘Cloud’! Not having Microsoft Office at home, I’ve found it incredibly frustrating not to be able to tweak my presentation in the evenings. I find it really difficult to concentrate working in an open plan office – funny how open plan is mainly advocated by those who have their own rooms! ;o)

Having used Prezi consistently for the past year, I find PowerPoint to be incredibly restrictive! I’m used to embedding videos and PDFs – why can’t I do this in PowerPoint? I’ve spotted that you can embed YouTube videos into your SlideShare presentation though so I’ll be trying this; you can also import your PowerPoint presentation into Prezi…

Using Twitter

I’ve also included Twitter in this presentation as you can embed your feed into your LinkedIn profile. Not many graduates use Twitter and, like me initially, are quite cynical about its usefulness. My colleague, Joanie, was also cynical but now finds Twitter to be incredibly useful for both her work and interests.

More tips/ resources?

See Plymouth University’s Social Media Strategy and further advice documents (University log-in details required).

You may also find ‘Developing a Professional Online Presence as a Graduate‘ presentation by Sue Beckingham, at Sheffield Hallam University, useful.

Do you have any other tips or links to other resources that may be useful for recent graduates looking to develop their online presence?