flea...bytes website with 'new post' featureA combination of inspiration from ‘Are You Looking For The Best Free WordPress Magazine Themes?‘(which also highlights cons to having a magazine theme), posted by makeuseof.com, a recent project involving setting up a (free) WordPress blog …and a nasty spam attack on my previous blog has prompted me to create a new one.

As a Learning Technologist my aim is to inspire others to use technology to enhance teaching & learning and promote good practice. I’m really pleased with this theme as I think it will be well suited for this. It looks engaging, is easy to manage and has a ‘Quick Post’ function which is more like a status bar – ideal for quickly sharing useful stuff!

Setting up a new site has made me consider why I blog, who my audience is and how best to present information for them. The process has also got me thinking about the best way to write posts – should we use a more journalistic style? By this I mean should we structure content to ensure a summary in the first paragraph, accommodating ‘surfing the web’?

Adding a slideshow of blogs created by students I teach has made me realise I didn’t really cover how to write for the web with them. Establishing the right tone and choosing a punchy title is difficult to do, and something I struggle with. Does anyone know of any good resources?

Another reason I decided to start a new blog was to show others how impressive a free WordPress site can look. …But, I’ve discovered my reliance on plug-ins so will be paying – please bear with me as a few things aren’t working at the mo. From now I shall mention when a particular tool requires one…

Hope you like the blog BTW!