Embedding Digital Literacy & Employability

I’m currently working with the BA (Hons) Education Studies Teaching Team to embed Digital Literacy and Employability skills within their curriculum. The Programme already benefits from timetabled sessions, for all stages, focusing on Information Literacy and Career Development skills. I’m helping the Team to expand on these, exploring how Web 2.0 tools can be incorporated for both supporting academic study, and how students can use the web confidently for networking and employability, recognised Graduate Skills and Attributes.

The Prezi below is the latest addition to a series of resources developed for First and Third Year students. It forms the basis of a joint presentation delivered by myself and Janet Gardiner, the Careers Adviser assigned to the Faculty of Education, and aims to get students thinking about their future career through posing popular ideas and providing links to more information. We also emphasise how much students can actually be doing now, while studying at university. This Prezi will be used as a template for some of Janet’s future Careers presentations.



Other resources in this series include:-


Faye Jones, the Careers Information Assistant, is currently putting together pages on the University’s main Careers website around ‘Using Social Media for Professional Networking’. These resources will be available there, alongside presentations from Milkround and other Careers Guidance providers.