Exploring how social media can be used strategically for creating a positive online identity for networking and employability. In particular…
– How to manage a Public Facebook Profile
– How to use LinkedIn most effectively, including what to include in your LinkedIn Profile



LinkedIn Profile with embedded Prezi and Issuu eBook
LinkedIn Profile with embedded Prezi and Issuu eBook
I’ve updated this presentation to reflect more up-to-date stats on recruiters’ use of social media and changes to the LinkedIn Profile. LinkedIn now allows you to link to (and therefore embed) any type of online resource you have created under  ‘Experience’. For example, I’ve now embedded a Prezi and an eBook (created using Issuu). See below… I have also included Pinterest due to its increasing use as an online portfolio/ CV tool, now that they have revised their Acceptable Use Policy.

This presentation is now going to be adapted by Careers Advisers to integrate the role social media plays into more subject-focussed resources. They invited me to submit an article to the University’s Graduate newsletter raising awareness around how using social media can be useful for employability.



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