Flipping the Classroom!

What is meant by ‘flipping the classroom’? Lecturers at UCL share their experiences of lecture capture… Info graphic created by Knewton and Column Five Media

Flipped Classroom
Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

The ‘Flipped Classroom’ at UCL

Academic staff from UCL share their experiences of ‘flipping the classroom’ in this hour long webcast: ‘From E-Learning to Active Learning, Transforming the Learning Environment‘. They record lectures in advance using Lecturecast, the UCL installation of the Echo360 system. Students watch the lecture and are encouraged to submit 3 questions to Moodle – these are polled with the 10 most popular being discussed in a timetabled face-to-face lecture. Timetabled sessions are also used for problem-solving, formative and summative assessments.

Staff describe Lecturecast as being easy to use. Despite initially feeling a bit awkward being on camera, and investing time doing a recorded lecture as well as an interactive class, all speakers agreed that it was worth it. This has been backed up by responses to a recent UCL Student IT Survey, as students like the fact they can pause, rewind and replay parts of the lecture. It also allows students to easily revisit content for exams. The survey also revealed that students continue to value, and therefore attend, the face-to-face lectures even though they know they can watch them online later. They see online provision as a backup, not a replacement.

See ‘Flipping lectures – reflections on a term of learning’ by Carl Gombrich, one of the presenters of this webcast


Further reading and resources…


Support at Plymouth University

If you are interested in this approach and would like some help and advice with recording ‘lecture’ content, get in touch with your local Learning Technologist. You may also find it useful to attend the Introduction to Podcasting workshop.

Are you ‘flipping the classroom’ already? Any experiences you would like to share?


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