Want to know how to use Twitter effectively but haven’t got much time to learn? ’10 Days of Twitter’ is for you!


10 Days of Twitter for Learning Developers on Storify

I recently participated in a short online course that introduced users to Twitter over 10 days. Using the hashtag #LD10DoT, Dr Helen Webster (@scholastic_rat) posted a new aspect of Twitter daily and participants experimented as a group.

Due to its MOOC-like nature, although the course was originally aimed at Learning Developers, a range of people with varying experience joined in. I found it really useful as although I use Twitter alot, there were many tools and aspects I’ve never used before.

Although ’10 Days’ is now over the posts can be accessed at LD5D: Digital Things for Learning Developers It is suitable for a complete beginner, guiding you through setting up an account to curating and archiving – it’s a great reference too as the posts will remain online!

This approach works well as people can either test tools out together as an active group or work through the materials in their own time. Participants are also able to embed tools into their practice as they learn from each other. As just one aspect is introduced per day, and it’s not compulsory, it avoids being overwhelming.


I really enjoyed it, learned lots and met some great people! One of these was Patricia Daniels (@trishiels), an English Language Teacher based in Switzerland, who has written a great reflection of her #LD10DoT experience.

If you would like to run your own course the materials are available for use under this Creative Commons license. Helen is also developing a short guide on how she developed and ran the programme.

Plymouth Uni staff – if this is something you would like to run or participate in with colleagues or students, let me know or email tel@plymouth.ac.uk