#LD5D: Digital Things for Learning Developers is an online CPD programme that explores the use of online tools for learning. My first post exploring my online identity. 


Hello everyone!

St Vitus Cathedral, Prague

I’m a bit late joining the party as I’ve just come back from leave – I went to Prague, which is a beautiful city and somewhere I would definitely recommend visiting, especially in October when it’s not quite so busy!

I’m part of the LD5D Team and work as a Learning Technologist at Plymouth University. I’ve kept this blog for a while now which I use to illustrate how technology can be used to enhance learning. Some of my posts are tutorials, some are my experiences of using a particular service(s), some are things that have influenced me (take a bow Helen introducing me to 23 Things!) and I’ve used other posts for teaching or presenting at conferences. My aim is to inspire people to use some of the fantastic tools that are now readily available for making learning a bit more fun – the trouble is there are so many of them!

Establishing a digital identity with the right balance of personal/professional persona can be quite challenging I think. Recently I ran some workshops for students and recent graduates in collaboration with Careers Advisers. As the focus was creating a professional identity and ‘personal brand’ (would love to hear your thoughts about this term) I think this very much influenced me personally and I sometimes wonder if perhaps I come across as a bit ‘worky’ online, as I really appreciate personality in posts.  …So this evening I’m breaking the guidelines I preach and am posting while enjoying a Guinness!

Like others, I tend to use Facebook for keeping up with friends and family, although I’m not a very frequent user. My work involves exploring the potential of different tools for learning so I have lots of social network accounts …so a few Google hits. I know this sounds …well, is, hedonistic, but Googling yourself is a good way of managing your digital identity. It is also the first thing a potential employer, or anyone would do to find out more about you. Have you never Googled someone?

To end on a ‘geek’ note. Hootsuite is good tool for managing 5 online presences on different platforms for free.

Strange, but rather nice to write a reflective rather than instructional post. Looking forward to collaborating with you all.

Flea :o)