My first post for the DigiThings course 


I’ve had a blog, in fact quite a few, for years now. However, I’ve recently been teaching students how to set up a WordPress blog where I experienced lots of problems. My tip – don’t use Internet Explorer if you’re using a University computer! ;o)

I’ve been researching ‘digital identity’ since getting a Teaching Fellowship Award in 2008, so you would think I would have it quite sorted. I haven’t – I still have the same apprehensions as many others, particularly when it comes to writing reflective posts. Being part of the ‘Digital Things for Learning Developers’ course, the inspiration for DigiThings, made me feel better about this though as I felt I was part of a community. I’m really hoping the same happens here.

I use my real name …well it’s not exactly my real name but it’s the one I’ve always used. Having run workshops with Careers, I really see the value of creating a professional persona. Many find terms such as ‘self-promotion’ and ‘personal branding’ distasteful – do you? – but, in these competitive times, I think managing your online identity an essential skill. Everyone ‘googles’ everyone these days…

Blogging is already an established part of my workflow, albeit something I tend to do in the evening as this is my best ‘thinking’ time and I need to be in my own space. Being an Associate Lecturer as well as a Learning Technologist, I use my blog to host my teaching resources (I run sessions on blogging and using social media), evaluate digital tools I’ve tried, tutorials I’ve put together and to promote University tools and workshops. It’s, therefore, is a bit confused and needs a makeover. This is on my to-do list when things get a bit quieter – this may be never!

Well, I’ve almost finished my stint as ‘tutor’ and am looking forward to handing over so I can learn about some new tools. Over to you guys…