My second post for DigiThings …minus an actual PowerPoint presentation! 


I’ve learned so much from Becky’s post this week and, while I’ve still not got round to actually creating my PowerPoint presentation yet, it has got me thinking…

Steve Jobs is given as an example of a great presenter, using minimum content on his slides to convey his message. Annie comments that she feels uncomfortable with him being “advocated as a role model as he’s a business guru who is there to sell and persuade. I think that my role as an educator should be to incite scepticism and curiousity, not belief and shopping.”

While I agree wholeheartedly with her with my ‘educator’s’ hat on, if I think about my role as a Learning Technologist, particularly at the moment as we are moving to a new Digital Learning Environment (DLE), we are, very much, ‘selling and persuading’, …although usually I prefer to think that what I do is ‘inspiring’ – less ‘business’ and more ‘educator’! ;o)

The DLE Project fits with this week’s post well. We are using the Agile Methodology which means that the main learning platform (Moodle) will be developed from a basic installation in two week chunks.  It enables everyone to have a say about what they need from the platform, what features they require and how they need it to work.

However, this also presents us with a problem – how to sell something when you don’t have a nice shiny product to show!

Having gone through the links provided (thank you Tim for recommending ‘Nancy Duarte: The secret structure of great talks‘ – I found this and Garr Reynold’s ‘Top 10’ Design Tips‘ particularly useful) I’m starting to form a plan, and even an idea for a presentation, about how to address this. Things I’ve noted:-

  • it’s all about the audience (obvious but sometimes easy to forget)
  • the presenter is the mentor
  • effective presentations move back and forth between ‘what is‘ and ‘what could be‘, capturing resistance along the way
  • …and end with a ‘call to action

All good – but I need help defining the ‘what is’ bit… Reading your posts and comments, the thing that stands out for me is that everyone is short of time! Although I’m aware I’m encroaching on more of your time (I do apologise) I wonder whether you would mind telling me what currently takes up your time and share any ideas you might have about how things could be improved. This can then inform me and my colleagues to shape the ‘what could be’ bit as we identify tools and features. It will also help me create my PowerPoint presentation!

Thank you!

Sorry Becks, I haven’t completed your task at all (I seem to be preoccupied!) – it’s sort of in my head though. My accompanying image is currently slide one! ;o)