My thoughts and experiences using Curation Tools for #BYOD4L Topic 3 


I filter out sources using a range of tools – which sometimes can present its own nightmare as I can’t remember which tool I used to bookmark something!

My current favourite is ScoopIt, as this is so quick and easy. The layout is quite enticing as it displays scoops in a Pinterest-board way with big pictures. You can also follow others’ topics, and re-scoop anything you find interesting.

I also use Google+ (mainly for arty stuff, although not sure why exactly) and Pinterest, more for personal stuff though.

Diigo is another favourite, although I have so much on there (work and personal) that it can be difficult to find things sometimes. I use lists and share some publicly, but my use of tags is a bit random. I keep meaning to sort it out!

For the task again I’ve opted for Scenario 2. I wonder whether it’s the appearance of the links? – a list of text doesn’t look very appealing. Perhaps students could be encouraged to engage more if they were set a task that involved curating links themselves using a visual app such as ScoopIt or Pinterest? This paper, ‘Exploring Curation as a Core Competency in Digital and Media Literacy Education‘ (Mihailidis & Cohen 2013) is well worth a look!

The advantage of being a bit behind in my posts for this course is that I can illustrate another curation tool. Here’s a record of the accompanying Twitter chat for this topic presented via Storify.



Mihailidis, P., & Cohen, J.N. (2013) “Exploring Curation as a Core Competency in Digital and Media Literacy Education,” Journal of Interactive Media in Education []