Using Prezi to introduce students to web tools that can be useful for supporting their studies & building a digital identity. 


I absolutely love Prezi and have been using it for a few years now!

I’ve therefore cheated a bit for this week’s task and am using ‘one I did earlier’, although I have updated it to include our new version of PebblePad and have also replaced the now defunct Google Reader with Trello, a collaborative Project Management tool that Learning Technologists are currently using.

I’ve used this with First Year students to introduce them to web tools that can be useful for supporting their studies and also to get them thinking about their Digital Identity. I’ve deliberately not set a path as I don’t think this is a particular linear presentation – in fact, the aim is for students to look at different parts at different stages as each ‘section’ can be quite time-consuming.

It suits my teaching style perfectly as I have presented this to different groups of students and it’s great to have the flexibility to miss out bits.

I see Prezi as being completely different to PowerPoint. I use Prezis more for standalone Learning Objects. (I always give out the url so that students can look at it in their own time). As you can see it’s quite text-heavy for a presentation and also includes an embedded PDF. In fact, I’ve embedded quite a lot of videos too – this is what I especially like about this tool!

I created this Prezi in collaboration with Careers Adviser, Janet Gardiner, based on a PowerPoint presentation she was already using. This one does have a path as it follows a linear narrative, although re-looking at it I guess it doesn’t have to! It also contains an embedded PowerPoint presentation (eGo: make the web work for You!) – you have to go through the entire Prezi (which is quite long) to get to it though!