Using MindMeister to illustrate some useful tools and apps that can support learning.
Mind Mapping – MindMeister.
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I’m late again …and I’ve cheated again with a ‘here’s one I did earlier’ approach! This is a mindmap I put together in May 2012 in collaboration with (Learning Technologists) Mark Lyndon, Rob Stillwell and Sid White. I’ve updated it for 2014 and actually that process in itself has been useful for planning a social networking guide I’m currently working on – so all good…

I’ve never used the Presentation function before – really neat! I’m particularly impressed that you can also still read your added notes, especially as there’s no way to record a narration track (shame). It was also disappointing, although not surprising, to find out you had to pay in order to export your presentation – I would have embedded that too otherwise.

In answer to your questions Ed…

– Yes, I have used MindMeister before – and lots of others, but this one is my favourite! Mindmapping comes naturally to me, in fact, even when I try to write linear notes I end up with arrows all over the page connecting chunks of text and doodles. There are lots of uses in my practice for mindmapping – this one will be revisited as we’re currently changing our VLE, which in itself. could potentially involve many collaborative mindmaps.

One thing I have noticed is that you used to be able to embed your mindmap into a webpage. I couldn’t see how to do this so have just copied the embed code I used before (the benefits of using an old one!) but it would be a shame if you couldn’t still do this …if anyone knows better, please share!