Some quick observations about ScoopIt and Pinterest and a review of trying Storify. 


Yes, late again! *hangs head in shame*

I already use ScoopIt (my feed is displayed on the sidebar under the heading ‘More Tools’) and I absolutely love it. It’s really convenient, others post great stuff that you can ‘rescoop’ and you can choose which social networks you want to share your scoop with. It also prompts you to add an insight into why you find something interesting – a great exercise for students! I also like the way it displays your scoops…

I use Pinterest too although mainly for personal use. I’ve always had scrapbooks and Pinterest is neat and, again, convenient. It’s great to browse other people’s boards and you can lose many hours easily… I have used Pinterest to create a portfolio which worked quite well and can see it would be useful for curating material around an event or research project.

So for this task I chose to try Storify as I’ve not used this before. My title is ‘Apps in Higher Education’. My search, which trawls Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Flickr, Instagram, Google and Gif, came up with a lot of stuff which wasn’t that relevant. I think this was due to ‘apps for students’ being a bit vague. As the first thing you have to do is ‘give your story a title’ I suspect that it works well when your subject is very specific – this would suit students very well.

Things I like about Storify: –

  • you can arrange your content, choosing the order of content
  • you can add your own notes
  • you can share individual posts to Storify and the usual social networks
  • you can add your own links
  • a bookmarklet enables you to add your own finds quickly and easily
  • it’s great you can embed it!

…and not so good:-

  • the layout sucks! It looks dull – probably as the Pinterest/ Google+ ‘look’ is very in at the moment. Enlarging the pictures would make it more engaging
  • the collected articles are centre aligned but the text isn’t, and it’s difficult to see which article your note is referring to.
  • I can’t see an option for collaboration

In summary I would use Storify again and think it could be a great tool for curating content from a range of sources via specific search criteria – but it could look better!