Dipity is a free, easy to use and engaging timeline creation tool.  



Flea Palmer on Dipity.

Dipity is a free tool that lets you create interactive timelines, containing text, images, audio, video and links – great for teaching history, recording a design project or, as I have done, compiling a portfolio! Timelines can span hours or up to 5000 years. Geo-tagging is also available, so you could document your travels.

It’s really easy to use, you just create a new event on your timeline and add your content –   a picture/ video, short description and links. The most time-consuming bit is collating the stuff you want to include!  You can set your ‘topic’ (timeline) to feed photos from Flickr or Picasa; videos from YouTube or Vimeo; Twitter or any RSS Feed so you could leave you timeline to just develop. You can also add a timeline within another timeline…

Viewers can either scroll and zoom through the timeline, or see the content in flipbook format. Each individual item can also be shared.

It’s a shame this one didn’t make DigiThings! I’m quite tempted to add it ;o)

Is anyone else using Dipity? What are you using it for? Have you used it with students?