Augmented Reality using Aurasma…

My first go at creating Augmented Reality using Aurasma. 


 My cats, Shola and Sammy.


While I apologise for adding yet another cat picture to the Internet, this was my first attempt at creating augmented reality (AR) …and it works! To view from your mobile device…

  1. Download the Aurasma app – it’s free and available for both iDevices and Android
  2. Email this link so that you can click on it on your device –
  3. Point your device at the photo above


The photo acts as a trigger and can be printed on a poster, or even on a t-shirt! This has obvious potential for promotional campaigns and also for teaching and learning. I can’t wait to incorporate this into my next conference poster!

Auras, the finished product as shown above, are easy to create using Aurasma Studio. This is again free, you just have to register. You upload your own photos and videos (ensuring you own the copyright and are happy for them to be stored on Aurasma’s servers) and create a channel. Auras can be public in which case you wouldn’t need to send out a link – I was being cautious as this was my first. Anyone can create and share auras. You can also have more than one aura on, say, a poster and can add geo-tagging and links. If you tap on my cat video it should take you to this blog.

Augmented Reality isn’t new – in fact my interest was re-awakened through pointing my phone at the latest issue of Livingetc magazine. Exeter University have been using  similar software, Layar, for a while now and have created an Augmented Reality Toolkit. They used it initially to develop a “means of interpreting the rich biodiversity of the University of Exeter’s main campus” accessing scientific data superimposed over the real landscape.

So, not new, but still exciting… I shall definitely be returning to this again to try out more of the features.

Has anyone else tried Aurasma or Layar? What have you been using it for? How has it gone?


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