Hello again!

Blog revival! New job, house and projects…

Well, it’s been a while! Actually I can’t believe how long it’s taken me to revive this blog. I write posts and tweet quite frequently at work. I think I’ve been aiming to get this finished but by it’s nature of being more of an occasional evening project, it’s going to have to evolve. So I’m not totally happy with the header pic; links are a bit sparse …but hey – early days!

I’ve changed jobs at Plym Uni – as a Technician I do alot of student support. I’ve also been building the online profile of the team I work for, the Faculty of Business Educational Technology Team (FoBET) who, until recently were FoBIT – we decided to change our name to reflect what we do (and hopefully so peops will realise we’re not IT support ;o))

…Enough of the professional stuff though – if you’re interested in EdTech stuff have a look at the Learning Tech section of this blog or head over to FoBET for more recent posts. I want to use this blog for the other me – the one that likes interior design, sometimes weird and wonderful fashion (just noticed the current goth pics), arty stuff, travel, music, books, theatre, blah, blah… It’s why I chose this theme – to illustrate the different me’s (is that a word?) …Not that I’m promising to blog frequently about any of this. We’ll see how it goes!

I am addicted to Pinterest and collect lots of stuff. See below …and follow me if you like! :o)

2014 & 2015 were really busy. As well as the new job, I also have a new (er, old, Edwardian) house – a 5 bed which sounds incredibly grand …but it needs a lot of work, as it’s currently residing in an 80s time-warp. I’m using FloorPlanner (see pic above) to try and work out how to use the space – yep, always a geek!

Obviously I have a Pinterest board dedicated to house deco stuff (although I’m going to have to sort it into different rooms as it’s getting difficult to find things). I have also found a most amazing and inspiring blog – little house on the corner documents the renovation adventures of Christine & Jan who also have an Edwardian house. They are proper bloggers who have entertained film crews as well as featured in magazines and websites – truly inspirational! And very useful as they have spent a few years on theirs whereas we’re just starting…

…And now I’m going to hit publish and this blog will finally officially be revived!!!


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