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JISC SW TurboTEL 2014

Notes and thoughts, including my presentation about DigiThings, from the JISC RSC SW TurboTEL event on 10th June 2014.  Continue reading “JISC SW TurboTEL 2014”


#ocTEL Week 4: Supporting learners through assessment & feedback using TEL

Thoughts and experiences around assessment and feedback through blogging.  Continue reading “#ocTEL Week 4: Supporting learners through assessment & feedback using TEL”

#ocTEL Week 3: Materials & Platforms for Learning Technology

Critiquing different materials and platforms – a video, a game and an interactive story…  Continue reading “#ocTEL Week 3: Materials & Platforms for Learning Technology”

#ocTEL Week 2: Understanding Learners and Learning

A few thoughts about #ocTEL Week 2: Understanding Learners and Learning  Continue reading “#ocTEL Week 2: Understanding Learners and Learning”

#ocTEL Week 1: Concepts and Strategies for Learning Technology

#ocTEL Week 1: Reflections, ideas and a plan! Continue reading “#ocTEL Week 1: Concepts and Strategies for Learning Technology”

#ocTEL: Activity 0.1: Big and little questions

Activity 0.1: In which I identify the most important question about TEL that matters to me…  Continue reading “#ocTEL: Activity 0.1: Big and little questions”

DigiThing 6: Curating Tools

Some quick observations about ScoopIt and Pinterest and a review of trying Storify.  Continue reading “DigiThing 6: Curating Tools”

DigiThing Five: Simple Presentations using Emaze

Emaze-ing! I thoroughly recommend this presentation tool – more exciting than PowerPoint, less ‘dangerous’ than Prezi…  Continue reading “DigiThing Five: Simple Presentations using Emaze”

DigiThings Thing Four: Presenting with Mindmaps

Using MindMeister to illustrate some useful tools and apps that can support learning.  Continue reading “DigiThings Thing Four: Presenting with Mindmaps”

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