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DigiThings – online course exploring presentation skills

DigiThing 6: Curating Tools

Some quick observations about ScoopIt and Pinterest and a review of trying Storify.  Continue reading “DigiThing 6: Curating Tools”


DigiThing Five: Simple Presentations using Emaze

Emaze-ing! I thoroughly recommend this presentation tool – more exciting than PowerPoint, less ‘dangerous’ than Prezi…  Continue reading “DigiThing Five: Simple Presentations using Emaze”

DigiThings Thing Four: Presenting with Mindmaps

Using MindMeister to illustrate some useful tools and apps that can support learning.  Continue reading “DigiThings Thing Four: Presenting with Mindmaps”

DigiThings Thing Three: Collaborative Presentation with Prezi

Using Prezi to introduce students to web tools that can be useful for supporting their studies & building a digital identity.  Continue reading “DigiThings Thing Three: Collaborative Presentation with Prezi”

DigiThings Thing Two: PowerPoint

My second post for DigiThings …minus an actual PowerPoint presentation!  Continue reading “DigiThings Thing Two: PowerPoint”

DigiThings Thing One: Presenting yourself online through blogging

My first post for the DigiThings course  Continue reading “DigiThings Thing One: Presenting yourself online through blogging”

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