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Augmented Reality using Aurasma…

My first go at creating Augmented Reality using Aurasma.  Continue reading “Augmented Reality using Aurasma…”


Being a Learning Technologist with Plymouth University …via a Dipity Timeline

Dipity is a free, easy to use and engaging timeline creation tool.   Continue reading “Being a Learning Technologist with Plymouth University …via a Dipity Timeline”

Creating a Podcast using Screenr and iMovie ’09

How to create a podcast using Screenr, (free, web-based screen recording software) and iMovie, including adding narration and a company logo.   Continue reading “Creating a Podcast using Screenr and iMovie ’09”

10 Days of Twitter!

Want to know how to use Twitter effectively but haven’t got much time to learn? ’10 Days of Twitter’ is for you! Continue reading “10 Days of Twitter!”

WARPAINT: Art and Design Magazine

WARPAINT: a brand new art and design magazine for students, graduates and art lovers – an inspiring mixture of styles. Continue reading “WARPAINT: Art and Design Magazine”

‘The Early Renaissance in Florence’

An absorbing site, created by Arts academic Lin Holdridge, packed with photos, maps, podcasts and Prezi presentations. Continue reading “‘The Early Renaissance in Florence’”

Turnitin – Originality Checking Software

Turnitin Originality Reports provide a cross-reference indicating how much of a submitted paper is original. This can be a useful resource for teaching academic writing skills, ensuring students understand how to cite sources correctly.

Continue reading “Turnitin – Originality Checking Software”

How to Attribute Creative Commons Photos

Excellent infographic created by the Foter Blog Team, who also host over 190 million free Creative Commons images.
Creative Commons Photos

How To Attribute Creative Commons Photos by Foter

Building Paths to Impact: Academics Using Social Media

As I was researching the last post, I came across this presentation by Melonie Fullick, originally spotted by Janet on the Guardian Higher Education Network website. It’s good and inspired some of the BSc Education Studies Team. Hopefully it will inspire you too!


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